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Using WikiHouse

Ask any questions about designing, manufacturing and installing your WikiHouse Skylark chassis. There is also a subcategory for WikiHouse Swift and if you have questions about older versions you can ask away here.

Join the community

Thanks for joining! The community exists to facilitate discussion on all things WikiHouse and exchange your knowledge and experience. Use this category to learn how the community works and showcase your WikiHouse projects.


This is a place to share your ideas, issues and requests on how we can improve the WikiHouse system and the WikiHouse Discourse community. You can also report any bugs or issues you encounter.

About WikiHouse

Ask any questions about the WikiHouse system, what it can be used for and the principles behind it.

News and events

Everything related to news and events, including our newsletter and week notes, goes here.

Get involved

As an open source project, WikiHouse is powered by contributions from a global community of architects, designers, engineers, scientists, organisers and entrepreneurs who are using WikiHouse and contributing to its development. Here are some of the ways you can contribute to the development of WikiHouse.