A question about 10 Degree mono pitched roof and Gable walls

Tēnā koutou (Hello everyone),

Just wondering a bit of a design question around the 10 degrees sloped roof. I am assuming like the other gable ends do you have to have all Wall-S10 1 to 9 blocks?

So it talks about 2.1 m high space, which I am assuming is the lower end of the roof. But I was curious what the high space is on the other side? 3 metre? or 2.4 metre? I could probably calculate it out but I was wondering if someone knew and had worked with it.


Nevermind just found the answer myself on the Design Guide!!

Attached below incase anyone else stumbles on this thread.

How did you go with this as I think the screenshot you added might have a typo? I’m currently working on a design with 3m and 2.4m walls but the 10 degree roof requires a 3m and 2.1m walls?

Hi @amscraig @melinda
Good questions. It all depends on the span (length of the floor and roof blocks) you’re working with. As we’ve wanted to keep the roof pitch angle consistent, it does mean that the wall heights will vary depending on the span. For example:

ROOF-XXS10, ROOF-XS10, & ROOF-S10 = can be used with WALL-S (2.1m) and WALL-L (2.7m), or can be used with WALL-M (2.4m) and WALL-XL (3m).

ROOF-M10 & ROOF-L10 = can just be used with WALL-S (2.1) and WALL-XL (3m) at the moment. At least until we develop a WALL-XXL block.

Hope that’s helpful?

Hi @Clayton Yes thank you. I did work that out but only after doing a design using 3m and 2.4m blocks and then realising the roof blocks wouldn’t fit and having to switch to 2.1m blocks. :woman_facepalming: Having 2.4m walls with the larger spans would be good, so I look forward to the release of the xtra tall blocks.