A2 poster/infographic describing wikihouse principles

Hi Wikihouse
I have been asked to exhibit a Wikihouse scale model in a local conference and am wondering if there is a large poster or some kind of info-graphic describing the principles of the wikihouse system. If such a thing exists could someone point me to it please.
Thank you

Hi Aaron - you can see our design principles here by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Does that help?

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I am attempting to work up a poster for an up coming event at the University of Exeter with the aim of promoting WikiHouse. It would really help if I could have a few high res. images of finished houses, a building in construction, and perhaps a router doing its thing. I tried to upload a draft of the poster , but new users are not allowed to upload. Happy to share an editable version if it would be of use, if you let me know how.
For sending images my email is: aaron@cnccraft.co.uk
Thanks, and looking forward to a few pics.

@Aaron happy to help, you can email the draft to enquiries@wikihouse.cc and we’ll be happy to have a look!