Adding a storey to a brick house


My daughter and her husband would like to add a storey to their brick house whitch has a flat roof. Is Wiki House suitable for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Yes, WikiHouse structures are very well suitable for this purpose.
As they are light compared to stone built houses, they do not give much additional load on the current roof wall and foundation.

I have some years ago mocked up these models after drawing the existing roof terrace for a 3th floor roof top building in the centre of Barcelona.

But there are a few things to take in account:

As you are extending the current height of a building, high wind loads can cause lifting forces and the extension can even influence their flow over the building.

Depending on the surroundings, you likely will have to anchor them to the roof. Which needs to be done responsibly. In the best case you need to reinforce the extension footings with heavy stone loads, but allow for the maximum load of that roof.

A last thing to take into account is the change in water draining situation to prevent flooding or overloading a specific drainpipe.

All I give here is free advice and can not be held accountable.
Please consult a technical architect or structural engineer before engaging in a project.

Great! thanks a lot for your quick reply.
I’ll propose them Wiki House for their project. It will probably be my first case study :slight_smile: