Adjustments for 2400mm x 1200mm ply

Has anyone had any luck with 2400x1200mm ply? It’s the standard in New Zealand but from my quick test in Fusion 360, it looks like the 2400mm WALL-M pieces can’t fit on the smaller sheets.

Weirdly, I think I can make 2700mm fit, as the vertical spans are split into multiple pieces, but the extra plywood sheet needed per Wall section will be pretty expensive.

Hello Lachan,

I have quite some experience with modifying libraries to the AU&NZ 2400x1200 standard.
The other thing to look out for is that sheets are also 19mm and not 18mm thick like in the EU and USA.

To tackle these problems:
With some experimenting you can decide that by cutting the margins 0.5mm bigger (to each side), the 19mm can still fit in the slots. But you need to cut test pieces and test them on structural integrity before you cut the rest of the house. If these are too loose, you can decide to use glue and staples to assemble to compensate for the loose fitting.

Measuring the Skylark library I found that the biggest parts are:

This is with 2422mm => 22mm too big for the boards there.
This can be solved by moving the slotting end board. But needs a redesign of this specific cassette.

But the SKYLARK250_ROOF-L10 has a board that is 2458mm long. This is 58mm too big.

But the left side of this is just non-structural covering. So can be left shorter without penalty.

Other options are to scale the whole set by 96%. But this is counter productive to the slotting of 19mm wood in 18mm joint pockets.

Still as I work online designing houses for Australia and let them CNC cut in workshops there, they have informed me that not all plywood is 2400x1200x19mm.
But also a lot of imported plywood comes in 2440x1220x18mm.
And if you order bigger amounts from local production, you can request 18mm.

All I give here is free advice and can not be held accountable.
Please consult a technical architect or structural engineer before engaging in a project.

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