Aloha! My intro to the Community

Hi everyone. My name is Darren, I’m a high school teacher, I bespoke furniture designer/manufacturer (, a busy father in a shrinking house, amongst other things. Its all of that that has brought me to Wikihouse, I’m in need of a more space for the family, something that I can build with my CNC router, and a project for my pupils at school and wikihouse is ticking all of those boxes. Just wanted to say hi and look forward to the journey.


Hi @Darren_O and welcome to the group! Really loving your furniture designs, beautiful work :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you can find everything you need in the forum here or on the website, but if you need any help please do shout.

Welcome, @Darren_O! Your furniture is stunning! Best of luck with your endeavor!

That’s very kind of you Steve. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be pestering everyone here plenty in the coming weeks!

That’s very kind of you to say, thank you. I wish that I’d found this community a long time ago, it’s already renewed my enthusiasm to build sustainably.