Any architects in Spain or Portugal?

Hi all,
I would be really interested on exploring this idea for a family home in the North West of Spain.
Any architects with wikihouse experience in Spain or Portugal?


Hi Jorge,

I’m excited about the prospect of collaborating on the first official WikiHouse in Spain!

As an experienced engineer and designer, I work with external companies in technical wood system design. My CNC production company near Granada specializes in producing WikiHouse parts. Notably, I’ve successfully designed and produced a house in a similar system, even assembling one in Prague, Czech Republic. And several of my designed houses are being produced and built in Australia and the USA.
Currently, I’m delving into unique round house systems based on similar techniques to build here in Spain.

I can support your project through online meetings, designing your house in the WikiHouse system, or collaborative work with WikiHouse services. Together with a local architect, we can handle planning permission, and I’m open to modifying specific blocks to align with your preferences.

Whether you prefer a complete building system delivered to your location in Spain, with guidance on assembly, or opting to assemble using WikiHouse manuals, I’m flexible.

Let’s schedule an online meeting to delve into your plans.

Best regards,
Melchior Hof
B.Sc. Engineer

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