Anyone ever built in Canada

People of the World!!! What’s up!

I was wondering, anyone ever built a wikihouse in Canada yet? Would like to know your experience because I know right away that the Building Code is about to be a headache! Even worse in Quebec… Let me know!!!

Let’s get it! :pray:

I’m in Ontario. Haven’t built a wikihouse but is actively working on it.

Awesome Andy,

If everything is going well fingers crossed I should receive birch sheet next week! Quite stressed but I got hope!

Just finished building a CNC 4x8 also. Need to square the whole thing and let it rock!

First project is a small shed for my friend. Afterwards, everything we can dream :slight_smile:

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I’m in Laval (Quebec) starting soon. but getting way too many questions on how things works around.

To be quiet honest, Wikihouse first ever project WREN was way better developed than skylark.

Do you all want to meet and have a chat?