Automatic tool changer (ATC)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to know if an automatic tool changer is required for wikihouse? There is a quite a big cost difference between ATC and no atc cnc machines.

What tool setups are people using? Is there a single setup that allows for all routing and drilling for standard wikihouse blocks?



Hi Leo,

I have an ATC; for wikihouse blocks we don’t use it, but we aren’t just cutting out Wikihouse blocks, so it comes in handy for other projects.

We use an 8mm compression end mill with up/down cut for all Wikihouse pieces.

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Hi Leo,

You don’t need ATC to cut wikihouse however make sure you spindle support quick release tool change. This will act like you have all tools ready zero’d like normal ATC and when cnc ask you just press a button to release and replace.

Standard non-ATC machine would require you to unlock the nut, change the bit, zero the bit to material or spoiler board etc.

Hope this helps.


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We have an inline 12 tool ATC under the gantry and I am very happy to have it.
It is cheaper than a rotating carosel.
I would disadvice the inline magazin on the side of the table. As the tools get very dusty and so will your spindle pickup mechanism.

For sec WikiHouse you can do with 1x 8mm bit. But I use 2x 8mm bits. One for the inner pockets and one for the contours. This spreads the wear on the tools and you can apply different radius compensations for the innner and outer contours.
Although we now make bigger tolerances as we noticed that making parts fit perfectly in the factory, may make it needing the hamer on location. As humidity can change the dimensions and complicate assembly.

Also you may speed production if you can cut the half way depth step at the ends of the bowties with a bigger bit. There are litteraly thousands of them in a house.

Futher you may also want to do other things with the machine and I am often using more than 8 tool postions to just always have the standard places for bits 8mm, 6mm, 12mm, drills, chamfer, engraving, roughing, etc.

I have done some years of research to machines. If you are intersted I can advice machine brands and options. Send me a PM.

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