Beam section foundation

Hello, quick question about our foundations: we are hesitant about the peripheral belt of our wikihouse project of 100m² with 1 floor. Either used glued laminated beams with a section of 160x160mm or 200x200mm? or another section… Which is better? thanks ! :slight_smile:

Hi @Thomas_Goffinet ,
I would recommend to double check with your structural engineer following your project as I don’t know the details.
As a general guideline, I think it would be better for sole plate to be as large as the internal cavity of your WikiHouse elements (for example 200 mm if using Skylark 200). This is because you want the screws connecting the sole plate and WikiHouse elements to be fully embedded in the timber so the they work in shear (see sketch below).
The depth on the sole plate depends on the screw positioning and the connection between the sole plate and the sub structure. In principle, your sole place should be stiff/rigid enough when transferring the load from the WikiHouse into the substructure.
Hope that helps!