Beginner - Somes littles questions

Hello Everyone,

I’m new in the Wikihouse world, and I have some questions :

How to make a “big opening” for a bay windows with the skylark250 ?
It’s possible to create a flat roof with the skylark250 ?
When will the configurator be available?


Hey @Ghost welcome to the community. From threads I’ve seen on the forum, here are some answers to your questions:

Big openings are possible, but introduce lateral support issues. You will likely have to use a lintel to span the opening and depending on the design needs, may be better off linking multiple openings together to take advantage of structural elements that exist in the blocks.

According to this post flat roofs for 250 are in progress. @Clayton suggests you could do it with first floor blocks and furring to create a gentle slope on top.

There configurator is available for preview here with a password of skylark.

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