Best way to learn CAD (as way to modify design)?

Can I ask contributors to the site - I’m new to the CAD aspect of all this and am keen to spend my Christmas break starting to learn how to use the software. What would you recommend as an entry point to the tooling? (I’m basically trying to get to the level where I can build a basic garden room structure.)

Would it be sketchup?

Hey Roy,

Sketchup is the easiest way to get into CAD if you haven’t used any other CAD program. I suggest learning about each tool you have available in the CAD program. So for example, if you pick SketchUp, go through the following playlist and practice them.

Once you are familiar with them learn about components and grouping in Sketchup.

After this download .SKP file form wikihouse website and try to modify something.


That’s massively helpful Piyush, thank you!

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