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You can find the configurator here:
password: skylark

As many of you know, over the last year we have been developing the WikiHouse configurator- an online tool that enables anyone to rapidly design and customise buildings for on-demand manufacturing. As you design, you can immediately see the estimated impact of your decisions on cost, performance and embodied carbon, based on the latest data.

The configurator is currently a working prototype. We are looking for people within the WikiHouse community (you!) to help us test this prototype and tell us what you think.

You will find a feedback form within the configurator.

Some things we suggest you try when testing it:
Finding a site to build your project on
Drawing a site boundary
Placing a structure on the site
Editing your structure to increase/decrease the floor area
Adding or removing a window
Changing the cladding of the building to a different material
Giving your building a name
Downloading 3D models and order list for the project

A few things to note:
The configurator is currently localised for the UK, so you will see measurements in m2 and £ There might be a slight delay when loading the models
You can interact with the building menu by using left and right clicks

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Hi Mel/Alastair and Clayton, We are having trouble here in AU getting to review the software? Can you please provide a hot link as my Google web browser is not picking his up for some reason. Graham O

Hi Graham - can you try pasting the URL in a different browser? clear your cache? keen for you to try the configurator and let us know what you think!
password: skylark

Works for me in NZ on a macbook using Firefox.

Thanks Mel Hot link worked
Graham Osborne