Building with CLT?

Would it be possible to build with a better quality wood than plywood? Like CLT for example?
Or, which material would be better?

We have visited a CLT passive house last summer and both owner and passive house architect/consultant agree that if there were to do it again it won’t be CLT. The main reason is it is over kill. Totally not efficient for what CLT is designed for. 95mm CLT panel is kind of a killer for family home.

If you are building 800m2 tall house, CLT is pretty acceptable.

For a small project say 18mm CLT panel 2.4 x 1.2 meter cost about £180+vat as opposed to £40 for a spruce.

We have explored the whole CLT thing and it’s is quite expensive. Your project needs to have carbon footprint value as opposed to cost.

CLT is more (cost) efficient for bigger buildings, for example apartment buildings and like Piyush sais huge homes. Or may be interesting to create a hybrid WikiHouse and CLT structure?

What about building plywood on very hot places?