Cladding your WikiHouse

Tēnā koutou (Hello all),

I’m working through some designs and wondering what people are using for cladding? I had a suggestion from a whānau (family) member who is a builder that if we ramp up building whare we may want to order aluminium cladding as it is made to order and would be zero waste. But curious how others are handling this?

Hello Amber,

Recently I have been looking in to conventional brick walls as cladding for WikiHouse structures.

Charleston Fab Lab (WikiHouseUSA) has recently build houses with the Skylark.

Foto credit: Charleston Fab Lab @Nicholas

You can use brackets to connect the masonry walls to the wood system:

In case that you use cananmo bricks or air-crete bricks:

  • The (non-load-bearing) canabricks are stabilized by the wall mounts.

  • The roof does not have to support the canabricks (since, to my information, they cannot have a load-bearing function).

  • The foundation of the structure can be made lighter, because the aggravating outer wall acts as an anchor against storm forces.

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