CNC just finished manufacture!

This beautiful CNC has just finished manufacture and will be arriving in Tauranga, New Zealand in the next month or two.

Thank you to @melhof for all of the help with configuration! I’m very excited to finally start building something.


Great to see!
And super that I could help with advicing the specs.

Here is a picture of her older syster in action:

I have made a big study of Chinease CNC machine manufacturers and specificaitons.
If anyone more is interested, contact me in a PM.


Hey Melhof, I someone cannot find the DM function but would be very interested in the Chinese CNC machine overview!

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Looks great! Would you mind sharing some performance parameters? I’ve never used a CNC machine thus it’s hard for me to calculate the time it would take to cut a wikihouse element. How long does it take with the machine you or @lachlan have and are there any significant speed-gains on pricier machines?

Greetings from Germany :slight_smile: