Configuration of CNC Router

Dear community,

I am getting a chinese CNC router and they are making the last configurations. I was wondering if you will change something below form the configuration.

2000x3000x200mm working dimensions

China 5.5KW ATC water Cooling Spindle (24000RPM, BT30, ER32, Maximum tool diameter 20mm )

CW5200 water chiller, cooling spindle

6bits linear tool changer (Include 6 BT 30)

5.5KW Fuling inverter

Leadshine 750W easy servo motors and drivers

Japan shimpo reducers

Vacuum & T-slot working table

2set 7.5KW water cooling vacuum pumps.

3KW double bag dust collector. (Dust collector and vacuum pump switches are on the chassis)

NK105 G3 handle Control System

Taiwan SHAC Linear Guide, 25mm

1.5L Automatic lubrication system

Taiwan1.5M J&T helical rack gear for X, Y axis; Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z axis.

Japan Switch Omron Limited

Automatic tool sensor system

Independent chassis

Heavy body 8-12mm

Voltage : 380V, 3 phase 50HZ

Thank you in advance.

Do you have the matching 3-phase power at the voltage listed? Or will you be using a variable frequency drive?

What company are you getting it through? I’ve used Blue Elephant and they have been great.

Not really, I have the 400V. I will ask if its possible to change to that.

Yes it is Blue Elephant

Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 9.39.40 AM

Nice. I got this one and it works really well. They sent an 18000rpm spindle instead of 24000, but other than that I’m pretty happy with it.

With the dust collector, you will want to switch out the bags for canisters - none of the canisters in New Zealand can fit the dust collector they sent, so it might be useful for you to check the diameters available to you locally.

I would also request a few small extras.

  • An extra dust skirt for the spindle, mine has torn and I’ve been unable to find a replacement locally yet.
  • Nylon 8mm bolts for holding the spoilboard down. They are only like 50 cents locally, but it was actually quite difficult to find a source (only one company has them on their online store that I could find). This are consumible (the machine will likely accidentally cut through them, so expect to go through a lot.
  • Extra 8mm threaded inserts for the vacuum table. These are inserted into the rubber for the nylon bolts to connect to. They are also likely cheap but I’ve had issues sourcing them.
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Thank you for your feedback. I will ask for the canisters and the extra consumables.

They quoted water cooling vacuum pumps. Are they the same as yours?

I will check the possibility to upgrade the servo motor. Does it make a difference for wikihouses?

I chose 6 pcs for the tool changer. Do you usually use more than 6?

Is the loading and unloading system a must?

I don’t have any water cooling - air is doing fine foe me.
For wikihouses? Probably not, 18000rpm is likely enough for the spindle.

6pcs is fine for Wikihouse, you will likely only ever use one type of end mill for Wikihouse and one end mill for resurfacing the spoilboard.
We use our machine for a lot of things other than the Wikihouse frame, so we have a 12pcs changer and probably use 10 of them at the mooment.

I love the loading and unloading system and will always buy them if I have the workspace, but I’ve heard many others don’t use them. For me, loading 25-30 sheets of plywood with a forklift is great and saves my body.

The unloading table allows me to clear the previous cut while the new one is being cut, so I am a huge fan of that too.

The rollers are awesome as a hold-down method too, we use them & and the vacuum together and it usually holds pieces down very well.

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Thank you Iachlan, your feedback was precious. I will consider all the suggestions and configure it with them. All the best with your projects

Hello Embaixada Juventude,

Great to hear that you want to build WikiHouses in Portugal.
I wish we would have been in contact before.

Since many years I have gone trought the process of research and selecting the list of specs (that Lachan posted here above) and got my router delivered a few years ago.

Since then I have set up a CNC workshop near Granada, South Spain and try to get customers to produce WikiHouse parts for.

Can we get in contact somehow?

Melchior Hof
B.Sc. Technical Engineer
WikiHome S.L.
VAT: ESB02681351
Paraje Fuente Aporta, s/n,
18420 Lanjarón, Granada, Spain
+34 633630472