Contours overlap in the cutting file (newbie question)

Hi everyone,

I’m working on my first Wikihouse Skylark 200 project, and I noticed that some contours overlap in the cutting files (please see attached screenshots). Is something wrong on my side, or are these files supposed to be edited first, to place everything correctly on plywood?

Also, my CNC operator is unsure about the edges (there’s only 5 mm clearance in some cutting files to the edge of the plywood, but the bits are wider).

Sorry if this has already been discussed, or described in the manual, but I couldn’t find it. Any help would be appreciated.


I’m also interested in your answer.


Hi @Andrew_Ganine Thanks for picking up on this. The cutting files for the end beams have been updated now and the clashes fixed.

With the distance to the edge we do try to maintain at least a 5mm margin, but I appreciate this is likely larger than the bit size. It may depend on the CNC machine, bed size, and CAM software used as to whether you can cut on our outside the boundary.
Maybe a regular manufacturer of WikiHouse blocks like @Piyush can help offer some advice here?

Hi Andrew,

Some cnc manufacturer prefer 20 mm spacing everywhere between parts as well as all round the sheet. They are good comfortable spacing but not ideal as it waste so much material.

5mm edge spacing is not an issue at all. Few thing you could suggest to cnc manufacturer,

  • align spoiler board to cnc X and Y axes to about 2mm - good practice really. If they have reference pop up pins and they can work to as close as 1mm.
  • fastening spoiler board to the cnc bed could solve - risk of moving spoiler board from sheet to sheet.
  • may be they can gather all 5mm edge spacing sheets together and little bit careful. Rest they can plough through super fast.

Hope this helps.


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