Costing your WikiHouse

Hi all- I have been looking forward to sharing with you one of our latest addition to the website

We’re letting you know here first…and really keen to hear what you think! :raised_hands:


This is very useful. At the low-end DIY (for myself), it would be interesting to see labor subtracted.

I tried the tool today but it’s only applicable to UK. If you could list your assumptions (plywood cost in UK, labor cost etc) and make those editable, people from other countries could just plug in their own numbers and use the same methodology. For a DIY project, cost is the only reason I’m here!

Seems very expensive to me. It costs almost the same as a “standard” house. Wasn’t the aim of WikiHouse to make houses affordable for the ones who don’t have access to property?
I would like to see how it has been calculated.
Also, as said in other comment what about completely self-building and “printing” the chassis, ability to modify the prices of material and the currency according the location of the project…

Hi @fromwaterloocanada and @Snulkit Thanks for your comments. Our assumptions are drawn from an Airtable (see below), and based on latest available data. Maybe you can work out material cost differences from this? We could potentially look at a v2 of the cost calculator that has these as editable values within the webpage for international users, but we’d likely also need to rework a bit it to separate factory assembly labour from the chassis cost.

On the overall cost compared with other methods, the plan has been to at least get WikiHouse cost-competitive with other methods, while offering greater performance and benefits. It can certainly be cheaper, particularly if you are self-building DIY-style or have access to your own CNC. Generally the we’re optimistic that the WikiHouse will get more efficient, while the cost of skills-based construction methods (such as bricklaying) will only increase.

Hi Clayton,

Reading you table, I see a price range between 600 and 700 for Spruce plywood. Are these British Pounds? For which quantity? On the Internet, I see a price of about 57 Pounds for a 2400mm by 1200mm panel.
Also, I would have liked to see more insulation materials, like cellulose wadding for example.
Indeed, my intention is to build everything myself as I have a good experience in house renovation. For the cutting of the panels I would like to acquire or build my own CNC which could be used later to help other people to build their house. Any advice on this CNC plans, requirements,…
Sorry if my English is not perfect but I’m Belgian and a native French speaker.

Kind regards,