Create tool path in Fusion 360

Could you make a video on how to generate toolpaths from the github dxf files?
I’m fairly new to CAD/CAM. I have done a few small CNC projects using Fusion360 and I’m able to import DXF file into Fusion. But I’m puzzled on how to generate toolpath from here. Based on the naming convention, it looks like each sketch is mapped to a cut. Could you share more information?


I learnt from watching this video - have a watch of this and then ping me any questions; I’m happy to walk you through as well if you want.

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The video is extremely helpful. Thank you! My understanding is that once DXF file is imported, I should double click a sketch, select all, then extrude. This works for
sketch : 0_SHEET_SPRUCEPLY_2440X122 and 3_ANYTOOL_CUTTHROUGH_INSID, however, it doesn’t work for me for 5_ANYTOOL_HALF_MILL_9MM_IN. Not sure what I have done wrong, Fusion complaints “no target body to cut or intersect”.

Would you be kindly to meet and walk me through it ? I’m in Canada Eastern timezone (GMT-4). I’m happy to work around your schedule.


Oh that makes sense!

That path (5_ANYTOOL_HALF_MILL_9MM_IN), is actually a pocket cut out of the material. It’s 9mm of material removed out of the 18mm sheet of plywood.

The error message you got sounds like it is trying to extrude using the “Cut” method, instead of the “Join” or “New Body” method. I can jump on a call now, send me a zoom link or similar!

Thank you Lachlan to jump on a call and show me how to do this in Fusion360. As a way of paying forward, I made this video and hope it helps others

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I have created a 2D contour but simulation shows many negative materials (in red). Is this expected? I’m using option 2D contour - silhouette - all loops - start outside. Tool size is 1/4" endmill, no stock to leave. I tried to play with different options (always outside/always inside/start inside) but it didn’t help. Anything I’ve missed?

Firstly, I would recommend start inside, rather than outside, for your silhouette.

In your materials library, how much space are you leaving between items? We normally aim for 2.5x the end mill diameter. i.e. 8mm would be 20mm between items.

What are your simulation settings? I’ve not seen this red/green mix before.

Are you just performing the one 2D contour operation? Can you take a screenshot of the “Setup” on the left? If everything are green ticks you are probably all fine.

I don’t have process material library settings as I don’t have nesting extension installed :frowning: . I have a 2D contour and a 2D pocket operation. both has green ticks. It’s strange to me that half of the panel is mostly green , the other half is mostly red.
might be easier to open this file directly Fusion

Here is an explanation of what the colors mean - Fusion 360 Help

This is similar, but from within the app.