Creating Stair voids in the Skylark 250 models

Hey everybody,

I’m modeling a Skylark building, I’m trying to fit in a stair.
Is there by any chance a concept or draft to make a stair void and landing in the Skylark 250 floor block?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Pieter-Jan_K ,
sorry we don’t have a fully developed detail yet, we are currently working on it.
As you said, floor beams need to be modified to create a void, and the load transferred to the ground by using a lintel or similar. Also, please note that WikiHouse stairs should be supported on both sides by walls, as they can’t take any bending in their longer axis. In this project we developed a ad hoc solution that perhaps might help your modelling WikiHouse: Lessons from our first Skylark building - YouTube

We are currently trying to find a way if it is possible to standardize it, i.e., something adaptable that might work with every geometry.
Recently I have been toying with the idea if it is possible to change the orientation of the beams where the stairs land (see the sketch), to create a neat solution. It is still very much a concept at the moment, so if you perhaps came up with some better ideas/solutions please let me know.


Hi Gabrielle, Here in AU we re trying to run the upper floor beams all in the one direction and use the inner wall as load bearing wall. This means another bearer under to take the extra load so as to keep in shear, not bending, and maybe the ground floor units have some extra stiffeners? Graham O