Cutting every blocks on a CNC router 1500mm*1500mm (4x4ft)

Hello y’all, peace and blessings,

I’m about to buy a CNC router for the journey and I was wondering:

Would it change something to make the blocks sliceable on a CNC router 1500mm*1500mm (4x4ft)?

I basically ask this question since a 1500mm3000mm (4x8ft) router table is (usually) tends to cost a lot more than a 1500mm1500mm CNC router. Would cutting smaller blocks affects the overall solidity of the structure?

Any smart brain out there who would share some knowledge with me :smiley: ?

Are you looking to cut one Wikihouse or start a company doing so?

A bit of both! :smiley:

I’m really passionate about off-grid living/leaving the matrix. But to answer the question, I would cut more than one house in a perfect world!

I’m not a structural engineer, but I think it matters a lot, because basicly you have to make more joints, meaning a weaker structure. Of course it also depends on the design. If you are planning to make small structures like one level garden shed/ studio, it might be possible to use smaller parts? Probably some additional testing and structure calculations are needed… At least you shoud check with the OSL/ Skylark team! @Clayton @Gabriele

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Interesting @Vincent, thank you for the input.

Hi Lalonde! What CNC are you looking at by the way? I think smaller ones are also slower, so you will be spending more time redesigning the system as well as more time cutting it!

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Currently, if I aim for the cheapest option, I could get a 2.2kW CNC router 1300mm*2500mm from China, shipped to Canada for around 3500$CAD.

Afterwards… it really depends… if I aim to get a full CNC router table with vacuum then… either I get one from China, with my contact once again… spindle 3.5@4.5kW (around 8,500$CAD) or I get a used from for Canada but probably will have to upgrade a few things here and there. 5,000$CAD if I’m lucky, up to 12,000$CAD.

Right now I’m aiming at starting and if I get traction then I’ll upgrade.

I’ve spoke with some CNC guys and they told me as low as 1.5kW spindle could do it (not optimal but could get the job done). In Canada a table can easily go up to 25,000$CAD. No plywood purchased! :slight_smile: