Detailed IFC Design Kit


I have a few questions about the new Skylark 250 detailed design kit:

  1. What was the main purpose of the new Skylark 250 iteration (uploaded to the website end of Feb 2023), what problems did it solve?

  2. The models in the 250 detailed design kit that i downloaded from the main WikiHouse website don’t seem to contain any identifying information. In the previous iteration, i could extract block names like “WALL-M42-4R” (or its equivalent from the old system) allowing me to cross-reference with AirTable. The best i can get are the IFC types but 90+% of the blocks are labelled as “IFCBUILDINGELEMENTPROXY” which is not granular enough for me.

  3. I see that the links to the simple models (eg. no longer work in AirTable, is there a plan to support the simple models in future?

For some context, i’m trying to upload the design kit and manipulate it with IFC.js

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Jh0274 ,
sorry for the delay, few things are under way. About your questions:

  1. The new version essentially got rid of combs and pegs, which were difficult to install on site. It also uses an optimised shape of the bow ties. As a result, 0.2. uses less material. In addition, stiffness and strength against lateral loads have increased.
  2. That might have to do with the conversion from the Rhino files, which we use as main files and then save in other formats. We are still using the parts’ nomenclature, and they do correctly appear in Rhino. I am not sure why this happens, I will raise this within our team. In the meantime, I heard that this software for conversion is promising, have you perhaps had the chance to try it before?
  3. Yes, there is. It is a bit tricky because with 0.2 version the number of blocks has significantly increased (around 200 blocks). As you can imagine, activities such as for example generating the cutting files, simple models, etc now take even more time. There is a degree of automation , but some of them still require modelling time.

Hope it helps!