Different Wikihouse system and what they mean?

Hello guys,

Fairly new here. I’m looking to cut a small house on a laser machine and I just noticed that there is a couple of different Wikihouse System.

I was wondering if there is a most up to date system or a go-to system?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome!

Skylark is the latest and probably greatest iteration of the WikiHouse.

There are also plenty of forks, adapted for specific needs.

You can chose 200 or 250 for Skylark, depending on your building needs.

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Great, thank you Bob!

And what is the main difference between the 200 and 250?

Thanks again.

Copied from the WikiHouse website:

Skylark 200


Skylark 200 is a version of the Skylark system with thinner wall and roof elements. It is well suited to single storey buildings, buildings with lower thermal performance requirements, or buildings that will also have additional insulation added to the outside or inside. For more information about when and how to use it, read our design guide.

Skylark 250


Skylark 250 is the main WikiHouse building system. The wall blocks are thick enough to contain 250mm of insulation. For more information about when and how to use it, read our design guide.

I would recommend you to crawl through the whole website, most of the knowledge is documented there.

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Appreciate, thank you

Maybe just one note, Skylark Is not (was not as far as I know) 100% suitable for laser because some parts of components have to be thicken for assembly. So for laser cutting the design of components must be changed little bit.

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