Digital Configurator

Hello all. I’m new to WikiHouse and to the community, but I am very intrigued and impressed by the amount of work you all have put together. I’ve been reading through the website, weekly notes, and community posts and I keep seeing reference to the “digital configurator” on the short term roadmap. I’d love to learn more about what you have in mind for this and where you are in the process.

I went to grad school for architecture in the early 2000s and after graduation I started a design firm with a classmate. One of our projects was trying to create a prefab system that could be designed by anyone in the browser and then sent to a fabricator for production. Eventually our small team lost collective interest and we moved on to other things.

My work is now in web development and revisiting a design tool in the browser is something I’ve always wanted to revisit. If there is an aspect of WikiHouse that is working in this space, I’d love to learn more.