Event next week

Hi all - as you might have heard, our next community event is coming up on the 28th September at 1pm (UK time). It will be live on Youtube and also recorded as usual, so you can watch it later if you cannot attend.

We have stopped using Eventbrite for event tickets, and this month we are trying an alternative - if you want to sign up and get a handy reminder in your calendar (especially helpful if you live in a different timezone), here is the link: Get a free ticket – WikiHouse design essentials – YouTube, Thu 28 Sep 2023 13:00 - 14:00

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That is 5am Pacific Time here in Seattle. :wink:

8am East Coast Time (New York).

I know :relieved:! But there will be a recording available and actually we’re really up for running another live session at a different time if other west coasters are interested?

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