Gambrel Shed 3x6 meters (~10x20 feet)

I’m a hobbyist building my backyard shed here in the USA.

The allowed area without a permit in my location is ~18 m^2, though in other cities ~11 m^2.

I will likely use traditional construction, but in the future your system is interesting to me.

Since shed building gets many people started, it would be a great addition to your plans.

Something like this one (no affiliation to myself).

It uses skids though I will pour a concrete slab.

I can see Skylark 200 (or smaller) would be better for a small structure like a shed.

Another interesting use would be raised (insulated) flooring. It could be mixed with traditionally-framed houses (preexisting). Unfinished attics are a good test for this idea, and often have just enough access for long boxes but not uncut plywood sheets.

On 2nd thought, 12x16 ft (3.65x4.87m) is closer to what I want, and using the wiki house system is still interesting. I bought used library books with partial plans in traditional framing.

I will remove the link above because linking to commercial plans in the traditional style may be taken as bad form. ( Edit: I don’t see that option. )

Time is limited, as this is a hobby, but I will try doing this in blender3d.

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Edit: I understand why many participants prefer to avoid concrete slabs, but in my case I need to support more weight. I have noticed in some locations, using J-bolts in the slab is considered obsolete (vs epoxied bolts in drilled cores). Also my type of plywood is different from yours. Maybe my journey will be interesting.

I will purchase a CNC Router from a local company here in the Seattle area.

Hopefully I will have tangible progress in Spring 2024.

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Glad to hear that you are going with CNC in the end. I’m in Canada and I would love to know your progress!

On 2nd thought, the local company (AvidCNC) is expensive compared to MillRight.

I will probably buy a Mega V Full Sheet Router Kit (currently $5724 USD + $629 shipping).

In the USA, a full sheet of plywood is 4x8 ft (1.219 x 2.438 meters).

Good Luck to fellow DIYers. :+1:

I demolished my existing shed today, because it was too small, too close to the fence, and rotting.

WikiHouse Shed in 2024!


I can try using it to build an addition in 2025 too… :yum:

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