Greetings from Hans (The Netherlands), building my own WikiHouse

Hi Everyone,

My name is Hans and I’m from the Netherlands. I’d like to share with you that we will be building a WikiHouse Swift this summer in Doetinchem.

As an architect I already have experience with WikiHouse. I helped with the designs of the WikiHouses at the Stripmaker in Almere. When I got the opportunity to build my own house, I immediately knew that I wanted to do this with WikiHouse. I am also looking forward to gaining experience with WikiHouse as a builder.

When designing it, I thought it was important that I would add something to the WikiHouse toolbox with our house. That worked. We will connect 2 WikiHouse volumes via a timber-frame corridor. This creates new possibilities in the map. The modules have also been calculated with an additional load from a green roof. I also raised the existing modules by 20 cm, so that there is more space to create an attic. This way we create more usable floor space.

I am now busy with all the preparatory work. We will start construction in the first week of August 2024. We estimate that this will take 5 weeks. If you would like to help. Let me know: Any help is welcome! The construction can be followed on Instagram: @hans_klanker_architect.