Heating systems for wikihouse?

What heating systems have you designs and/or built into your wikihouse projects? Is anyone doing radiant floors? Is it mostly mini splits?

Hi @mike. Good topic for discussion! It would be good to hear from any building services engineers out there about what they think. We’ve used a few different options on projects in the UK, including electric underfloor, electric panel radiators, and even gas central heating. We know the heating demand is generally low for WikiHouse, so electrical heat options become more viable cost-wise. Heat pumps are an obvious common one but Infrared ceiling/wall panels might be an interesting (albeit expensive) option?
This really all depends on your building design, solar/occupancy gain and estimated fabric heat loss. The WikiHouse energy analysis report by Leeds Beckett University has some good details on heat transfer coefficients and heating sources, as well as CO2 emissions if you’re interested.

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We are going to be evaluating an MVHR + Heat pump (if necessary).

Will let you know how the performance is!

Looking forward to learning how it works for you, and what the costs are.