Hello from Brussels, Belgium

Hello everyone,

My name is Marc and I am a young (65 years old) but still active retired IT system engineer.
Life did not give me the opportunity to buy a house, due to lack of means, but being skilled with my hands - I have completely renovated two houses - I count among my passions the work of wood, I decided to buy a piece of land in the countryside to build my own wooden house. I have been looking for several months for a building system that I can afford (physically and financially) and that is environmentally friendly. Several systems had caught my attention such as the French Ecoquille or Brian Waite’s Straw Bale House. Then, a few weeks ago, a notification from Pinterest showed me a picture of a Wiki House. The concept had everything to seduce me: the open source principle which is of course familiar to me given my activity in IT, the environmentally friendly material, the ease of fabrication (I already play with my 3D printer) and building, etc.
In short, I’ve decided to go for it, but not just for my house: I’d like to share the concept with young and not so young people and maybe organise collaborative building sites if I manage to master the subject enough.
But first of all, I’m here for one thing: to learn. And I love it!
One last thing: for those who want to communicate with me, I speak and write fluently French, Dutch and English.