Hello from Pavel in Warsaw

Hi there,

I’m Pavel from WOODX, Poland.
I am a fan of Wikihouse technology and all other types of digital fabrication:)
Our company is based in Poland.
We have our first demo house built using Wren near Warsaw.
Now we are working with Skylark blocks and testing them to create simple models of affordable and energy-efficient houses.
I am open to any kind of cooperation:) We can cut you from plywood everything you want:))

Our houses: woodx.house (in PL)
Our CNC workshop: woodx.pl (in PL)


Hey Pavel, great house and very nice kitchen. Ready to share cnc data and keep an open-source philosophy as well? :sunglasses:

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Welcome, Pavel! I am about to pivot my company towards more affordable, dense, and flexible housing for my community. I love seeing other companies taking advantage of the wikihouse design principles.

Welcome @Pavel_WOODX ! Great to have you join us here, and pleased to see the first demo house still going strong :slightly_smiling_face:

Really looking forward to seeing what you’re working on with Skylark!