Hello from Thierry in Kenya, developing a parametric design's app


I am Thierry Giles from the parametric design team SuperDesign.tech. Happy to meet you all. If anyone wants to work on some Parametric WikiHouse projects (structure, inside, outside, around it), drop me a line. We would be happy to contribute.

I’m working on coding an app that makes the design and manufacturing process a lot simpler and cheaper. Here’s how I use it: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7071389536236240896

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Hi Thierry,

This looks great. We have wikihouse block on the website with dxf file. How do you start from here to create slightly larger box?



Hi Piyush,

The first step is simple: we load the 2D plans in Rhino/Grasshopper, code it to create the 3D model representation, and attribute parameters to each 2D shape according to the need of the model. I.e. When to add/remove extra finger joints, min/max piece size, thickness, etc.

I can jump on a short 15 min call with you to capture your use case and it’s enough.

Where it gets very interesting is that, instead of hardcoding the parametric rules inside Grasshopper, we create them on our platform and use Grasshopper purely for computing the results. It means that we can connect any external data sets to it to change the designs.

I.e. UK construction requirements vs Dutch requirements. Different materials ( Ply, OSB, CLT ), output files that fit different CNC dimensions, batch multiple blocks together to save material, etc. We can even plan special interior design elements ( pegboards, staircase, etc. )

Let me know if that answer your question.