Hello from Victoria, BC, Canada!

Hi everyone! Been lurking on this forum for a while and figured I should introduce myself.

I’m Emily, a designer/maker in Victoria, BC Canada.

My background is in architecture, and over the years I’ve dabbled in digital fabrication and parametric design. In 2020, I took a year-long course in Fine Furniture and Joinery and fell in love with woodworking. I now run my own business, Man & Son Design (www.manandsondesign.com), doing architectural and millwork design as well as small product and custom furniture production. When I’m not staring at a computer screen, I have an awesome little woodshop where I spend as much time as possible making stuff with my hands!

I’m really interested in Wikihouse because it seems like the perfect combination of my interests - digital fabrication, product design, woodworking, and architecture - as well as an opportunity to develop more attainable housing typologies. Later this month, my business partner Jennifer and I will be travelling all the way to New Zealand to help @lachlan get his CNC machine up and running and build our first Wikihouse!

Looking forward to getting more involved!


Hi Emily,

I’m across the Strait from you in Port Angeles! My dream is to build community oriented housing using the Wikihouse system - kinda like this Features — Cully Green

Have fun in NZ!!


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