Hello, Sergio from Spain

Hi there, I’m Sergio and I live in Spain. Here we have a huge problem with property access and I´m trying to inmerse in Skylark 250 to see the potential and costs.


Hello Sergio,

I am a B.Sc. Melchior Hof, designer of plywood building systems & custom constructions. I have many years of experience with designing, CNC cutting and building WikiHouse and related systems. I have a CNC workshop near Granada, South Spain and can design and produce any house that you would like.

All parts of a WikiHouse are easy to carry by hand and can be moved with a small cart to dificult to reach locations.

I regularly meet online with clients all over the world, so we can have a video call to get acquainted if you are interested.


B.Sc. Melchior Hof
WikiHome S.L.
VAT: ESB02681351
Paraje Fuente Aporta, s/n,
18420 Lanjarón, Granada, Spain
+34 633630472

Hi @sergiobernal - welcome! A good place to start is the Design Guideas well as our Youtube channel (we have just started a series of explainers, going over different elements of Skylark, you can find it under playlists). And you’re already here in the community so please feel free to ask any questions anytime and we’ll try to answer! We also have a video in Spanish explaining Skylark if that is of interest…