Hello Wikihouse world!

We are HMTECH, a London based company who’s designed the very first heavy duty mobile CNC. The machine has patent pending features and was specifically designed to be quickly transported and set on site and also, to be a workhorse for heavy duty cnc operations. A bit of background….we bring this CNC service on site to enable our clients to reduce CNC machining costs(up to 35%) / carbon footprint / and lead times together with increased flexibility to design and adapt on the fly.

Our projects to date have mostly been in the kitchen/ cabinetry industry, and we’ve learnt a lot through this process.

We’ve been following the WikiHouse projects for some time. As innovators ourselves, we love new approaches to solving existing manufacturing challenges but as we look deeper into the project we see potential for the benefits above to translate to WikiHouse builders.

So, we wanted to say hello and really start having some conversations with anyone involved in WikiHouse projects to understand more about the challenges you’ve faced or envisage in the CNC manufacturing part of the process. We’re very much on a learning journey with a very powerful and impressive tool!.

Also, feel free to ask any questions around the CNC, manufacturing in general as our experience has been both in the space of machine design and build though machining and assembly.