Hi everyone,

First day on here and I am looking to know if anyone has done a 3 bedroom house in UK and how much was the cost of it, the materials only I mean.


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Hi @KynMaX There is one very good example of a three-bedroom self-build house in the UK. The ‘Farmhouse’ in Warwickshire, which has been lived in for the past 7 years. This was constructed using the Wren system in the early days and almost entirely self-built by the owners, so they saved a lot on costs (compared to getting a general contractor in) but they essentially been incrementally finishing bits off in their spare time. I believe the construction costs were around £1100-1200 per m2, but that was several years ago and includes a lot of DIY.
The owners have written a great blog detailing their journey if you’re interested in learning more: https://awikifarmhouse.wordpress.com/

If you have a potential design in mind you are welcome to get in touch with the WikiHouse team and we may be able help with calculating material quantities and costs.