Hi from Christiaan

Hi guys, my name is Christiaan. I’m an architectural technologist living in Portugal. I recently started a UK-based architecture practice with my former director from a London-based practice, who I worked with for 16 years. Now I work remotely from Portugal.

I’m very curious about Wikihouse, especially since the Skylark iteration. As I dip my feet in I may use Wikihouse in a professional capacity, but I may build a home with it one day too. I once did a deep retrofit of a home I lived in in London and next time I’d like to go to the other end of the scale, in the form of prefabrication and very little dust :laughing:.

Either way hope I can contribute along with way.

I’m really happy that you’ve moved away from chatroom to a classic web forum. This was another signal that it’s time to get involved.


Great to have you here!

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Good to read this and to know there is a WikiHouse minded architect in the Iberian Peninsula!

I am based in Lanjaron, Granada, South Spain. And have my CNC factory, ‘DiDiHomes’ running.
Specializing in WikiHouse plywood construction. And producing the fist houses for Ecokit.com.au.

Would you be able to realize building permissions in Spain?
I may soon need your services.

Hi Melfof, sorry no, I have no experience with permissions in Spain or Portugal, as I’m working remotely for my UK-based company. I’m also still just learning Portuguese!