Hi from Christiaan

Hi guys, my name is Christiaan. I’m an architectural technologist living in Portugal. I recently started a UK-based architecture practice with my former director from a London-based practice, who I worked with for 16 years. Now I work remotely from Portugal.

I’m very curious about Wikihouse, especially since the Skylark iteration. As I dip my feet in I may use Wikihouse in a professional capacity, but I may build a home with it one day too. I once did a deep retrofit of a home I lived in in London and next time I’d like to go to the other end of the scale, in the form of prefabrication and very little dust :laughing:.

Either way hope I can contribute along with way.

I’m really happy that you’ve moved away from chatroom to a classic web forum. This was another signal that it’s time to get involved.


Great to have you here!

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