Hi, from Greenland

I’m Finn
I live in Greenland, and hope to design a minimalistic off-grid Hut / Cabin for the backcountry where i live.
size will be approx. 6 x 3 meters (20’x10’) using the SkyLark200 system (2.0)
I like the concept of being able to assemble most of the construction on-site, with very few tools and heavy equipment. And not least because it will be easy to haul it all on a sled behind a snowscooter; as logistics is going to be an issue w/ no infrastucture.
Oh and I’m Civil Engineer that has acces to an EXCITEC E2 MTC CNC machine


@ObiwanDK that sounds amazing! Tell us more please :slight_smile:
I’m tagging @Gabriele in case you have any engineering questions.

The site where the hut is going to be build is close by the 2 existing hut i have build. it is in the backcountry, about 33 Km east of Sisimiut Greenland.

site video: Echo North Hut - 2022 - YouTube

the large hut was build as pre-build & painted modules assembled on site.

The new concept will probably look as close to the shown sketch, maybe not with as large a canterlevered porch-roof, but with some type of canterlevered shading over the porch. The canterlever would be wood-beam anchered in the conors of the hut; down to the beadrock. the hut will be anchored to 2 wood-beams that are anchored to the beadrock for every 1 meter.

concept sketch: new Echo-North hut concept - YouTube