Hi from Steve [St Charles, IL]

Hi, Wikihouse community! I was semi-active on the Slack group but welcome the exodus from that platform.

I’m Steve, an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur from Ireland living in the US. I immigrated to Chicago in 2020 after grad school in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m in St Charles, about 40 miles west of Chicago. I am the local leader of the Strong Towns chapter here. This group promotes financially strong and resilient development patterns and advocates against the post-war Suburban Experiment. If you are a fan of Not Just Bikes, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Strong Towns.

I’m interested in the densification of suburbia from single-family homes to duplexes, four-plex, and other low-rise styles of housing development. I know that Wikihouse does not do this now, but there may be some solutions we can work together to achieve. I would love to bring the first wikiduplex to my housing market.