Hi from Vincent in Leiden [NL]


I’m Vincent from Leiden. After seeing the great TED talk of Alastair I dived into WikiHouse. Co-founded ‘Stichting WikiHouseNL’ (Stichting = Foundation) in 2015. Worked on several WikiHouse projects. Started to explore the first WikiHouse systems (without screws) before Wren. After that, Wren [3,6m span] was the starting point for creating and develop the Swift system [4,8m span] in the Netherlands. It has been tested and fits the Dutch regulations for permenant housing. In the meantime, 31 WikiHouses are built with Swift. De Pionierswoning [show & test case for Swift v1.0] can be found on Github. The files of Swift v2.0 (Used for ‘De Stripmaker’ project in Almere) will be shared soon hopefully.

And if I have news about Swift or WikiHouse in NL I’ll share it in the Swift section. For now check WikiHouseNL.cc (in Dutch).

If anyone would like to know more about, or share experiences/ thoughts about WikiHouse [Swift] in the Netherlands, tag me @Vincent-WHNL.


Vincent did a brilliant talk for the community this summer about WikiHouse Swift -