How is cladding affixed?

We are running into an issue with affixing cladding to our first build; in New Zealand, battens need to be attached to structural studs with around 70mm of penetration for the nail/screw, but the Wikihouse wall block face is only 18mm thick.

Has anyone done a standard batten/timber cladding on a Skylark build?

Hi Lachlan, try using a suitable THS Clip from Rondo, Studco or Karagaroo Site supplies AU/NZ.
They all have direct surface mount fix variations with 4/5 Screw holes/clip, but short screws for the 18mm thick ply/OSB. They could be paired back to back to give you 8/10 screw support. maybe Wiki may have to have an optional ply/OSB backer behind/ along the face edges to give 36mm Screw length?
Graham Osborne

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