Howdy from Matthew In Port Angeles, Washington, USA

Hi all,

Been interested in the WikiHouse system for at least a couple years now. I would really like to use them to build community oriented housing; An example that I come back to is CullyGreen in Portland, Oregon (Features — Cully Green).

I think this community is great and this new forum will be a big help getting people connected.



Hi Matthew

I’m located in Victoria, BC and you guys are pretty much our nearest neighbors!

I’m an architectural designer and I’m very interested in the wikihouse concept. The community orientated housing project you mentioned looks great and there is certainly a local requirement for more projects like that.

If you want to discuss anything further please get in contact

Blake Crouch

Hey Blake! Glad to connect and would love to talk. I’ll send you an email so we have a direct line.

The City here is making great strides to enable infill housing so it would be cool to get some basic designs together that are compatible with building code and permitting requirements.

I don’t know much about Victoria, but I am planning on visiting sometime in March.