I am looking for a recommendation to buy a CNC machine or an offer of used machinery

Hello community, my name is Javiera Henríquez, I am a civil engineer from Chile and I am looking for a CNC machine to start my wikihouse project. I would like you to give me recommendations or if any supplier in the community wants to renew their machinery, I would be willing to bid for it.

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Hi @Javiera_Henriquez!

At the recommendation of Melchior (https://www.cnccasita.com/), I have ordered a Blue Elephant 1325 CNC.

The price was around 21.5k USD and then I think shipping to New Zealand will be another 7k USD or so.

I opted for the autoload and unload systems, so it might be cheaper without them.

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hI @Javiera_Henriquez

I purchased six months ago a vacuum 1325 CNC from U-tech (price 7K USD with a 3K shipment LCL ) excl VAT. 9kw spindle air cooled. No self loading or unloading. +86 186 6371 6521 It’s my sixth CNC machine that I purchased from them.

In my opinion you should check for local manufacturers first and see their quotations. If importing one is better you should also check the import taxes as they differ from country to country. In Romania, for example, is 0 percent, only pay VAT as for everything. In the USA there is a bigger %, don’t know about South America.

sorry 7.5kw air cooled spindle.

If you are in for ordering a Chinease machine, I would realy advice a BlueElephant machine.
I can share with you the specs.

In any case go for a 24.000rpm spindle or higher. It linearly improves your CNC waiting time.
I have 9kW, but this is only critical for bigger tools like flattening the spoilboard.

I have 2x 11kW vacuum pumps sucking on the table. This is a great suction power, and saves many parts being pulled from the table. But it is uses also ot of electrical power, and needs a hughe electricity connection. You need to first check your situation before going this high.

The liquid ring vacuum pumps I chose are a robused system, but I would not advice them, as they are spilling and sputtering water all around.