Internal Walls

Hi everyone, im trying to develop a solution for internal walls, has anyone got any experience in creating these? Im not expereinced with the previous versions of wikihouse did any of them have an internal wall version? During my research Ive noticed that there will be a internal walls release in the future (weaver) does anyone know when this will be avaialble?




I don’t know when this is available, but I think walls like this.

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In the MicroHouse made with the Wren system was an hallway block with internal wall design:

Plywood Design AU has made some kind of a system:
Scroll down to July 2022

Hi @Leo_098 ,
not sure if of any help, but @Mel and I put together a video with a concept block we have been working on recently Internal walls - YouTube

There might be certainly better ways of doing it, so any feedback/ ideas from the community is very much appreciated.

Thanks guys, ive been playing around with creating a 100mm & 75mm thick panels based on the typical external wall details which works well so far. Next stage is to check with a structural engineer if these have adequate load bearting capacity to allow them to support floors & roofs above. If so it will open up lots of new possibilities within the external structure and achieve greater spans.

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