Introduction - Nicolas Lamoureux (Windsor, ON, Canada)

Hi all,

My name is Nicolas Lamoureux and I am currently living in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I am a dual Canadian-American that spends most of my time in Windsor-Essex County and Detroit, Michigan. I am in my second last semester of my Master of Architecture at Lawrence Technological University in Michigan.

I am a Certified Passive House Consultant and I would eventually like to apply these principles to the WikiHouse processes. I am interested in participatory architecture, design, and construction and I am particularly interested in bringing the participatory concept back into home building (like the communal activity of barn raising). I think that the WikiHouse model would be really useful in Northern communities in Canada as well as tacking the housing affordability crisis through the creating of backyards ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in urban areas.

Looking forward to being done school so that the real learning can begin.

Thanks for creating this space and I am excited to get more into it / involved.

Thank you,

Nicolas Lamoureux


@NicLam I’m having trouble privately messaging you. I believe you were developing your own workshop with wikihouse, cnc machines, and precious plastic equipment similar to me. I’m making advancements with my workshop and was curious how you were progressing as well. I’m setting up the LowRider3 CNC with a 24W laser attachment to manufacture bird, dog, shed, and full scale wikihouse models to produce and sell along with recordings of development. I’m set to receive an XL Extruder Pro in the next month with brick, multiple beam, and park bench molds. I’ll also be processing plastic with my pro shredder. I hope you’re well and I’m curious how your workshop is progressing.
-Chas Murillo

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@NicLam I’m also building up my site’s repository…

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Hey Chas! Thanks for reaching out, this is awesome to hear! Sounds like you are really making some great progress! Things have been slow on my end as I have been focusing on finishing school but I just graduated this past weekend from the Master of Architecture program at Lawrence Tech. in Michigan so I will have a lot more time now to dedicate to this. I won a small grant as well and my goal for the summer is to build a bicycle powered shredder to take with me to events and promote / educate. From here I’ll slowly be building up to getting a workshop going (hopefully similar to yours as it sounds like a dream haha!). Very excited to see your progress with this. I’ll check out your site repository too. Awesome you’ve compiled that work.