Introduction to WikiHouse, a one day course

Hi WikiHouse

We’re doing our best to promote the WikiHouse project here in Cornwall. The first one day course was held on the 24th of November and seemed to be a success. Here are some photos of the course, which was funded by the Smartline project of the University of Exeter:

To see a short video check out this instagram post: Aaron Moore on Instagram: "Practice session for a one day 'Introduction To The WikiHouse building system'. Two friends helped me to check timings for the different elements of the course. The scheduled course on the 24th of November went well, so will definitely organise more for next year. #WikiHouse #affordablesustainablehomes #letsmakeitlocal #madeincornwall #makerspace"

We would love to run some more courses in the New Year.

On 26th November we exhibited WikiHouse and whistles at the Miners and Mechanics Institute in St Agnes, Cornwall. The Local Extinction Rebellion group organised the ‘Happy Planet’ event to focus on some of the positive environmental activities in the area. We took the WikiHouse scale model, a full size cassette, posters and some literature. There was considerable interest, and several people even signed up for the introductory WikiHouse course which is very encouraging.

For the kids we took the 3D printer, printed loads of whistles and generated something of a cacophony! Here are some photos of the event:


Really enjoyed both events thanks Aaron, there’s a wikihouse buzz in mid Cornwall!

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Hey everyone, i’m studying about wikihouse but some technical details are being difficult to understand. Does anyone know how the water tank installation works in the wikihouse project? Can the structure support the weight?
A case study of a wikihouse project could help me a lot