Is anyone interested in buying cut Wikihouse Kits?

We are a company based on Chile South Amercia. We manofacture Wikihouse parts and we are trying to export kits to Europe and North America.

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Hi Gianfranco,

Do you have a ballpark figure on what a kit would cost and what it would include?

At the moment we are offering a tiny house interior space of 28m2 with space for one bedroom And one bathroom with a little kitchen And common area.
I will try to attach a photo for you. We have done The calculations and we can ship 5 of these houses per 40 foot container. This would include only The playwood pieces with the cuts ready to be assambled at the destination.
The price for each kit FOB (incoterms) will be between Us12.200 And Us13.200 per KIT.

Send me your mail to send you The photos because i cant send them here

There should be an AirBNB market demand for “Mother-in-Law” Cottages. These can be added to existing single-family homes with enough extra lot space.

Edit: an interesting WSJ Podcast Episode about AirBNB regulations in NYC:

New York City’s ‘De Facto Ban’ on Airbnb

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I’m interested in this as well. Just started my journey. I will consider buying cut pieces if it’s making economical sense.

Hi whats app number +56994310482
Chilean number

Customization Options should drive profit margin, because of builder competition (eventually). In the beginning, there will be early adopter niche interest.

Large domestic companies are experimenting with 3D Printed homes already.

Maybe you can find Builders if you do promotional builds to gain mass media attention.


In the USA :us: we say: “You are not in business, until you have been sued!”

Yet another barrier, for low-end builders.

Mucha suerte!



This is something I am interested in, I am in Portugal. Do you have a specification, SketchUp, or other architectural drawings to offer?