Is using Wikihouse for just the floor and roof of a building possible?

I’m not able to use Wikihouse in its entirety for a project as it would mean a redesign and new planning approval. However I’m wondering if I can use it for the roof and floors instead of frame construction?

Hi @melinda ,
maybe someone more expert in the team or in the community can give you better advice, but from a structural perspective there might be some challenges in connecting the WikiHouse elements to masonry walls. There are probably ways of doing it, but the details need to be carefully designed ad hoc. I suspect that a traditional light timber frame roof/floor solution might be easier because the construction details are quite standard. Maybe someone in the community that has worked on a similar project and can offer a better point of view

Hello Melinda,

I am a B.Sc. Melchior Hof, designer of plywood building systems & custom constructions. I have many years of experience with designing, CNC cutting and building WikiHouse and forking systems. I also run a CNC workshop in South Spain.

I have looked in the options before to combine masonry walls with plywood roof construction and would be interested to take up your challenge.

Finally depending on your circumstances and location we need to find a structural engineer who is familiar with these systems and can sign off certification.

I regularly online with clients all over the world, so we can have a video call to get acquainted if you are interested.

Send me a private message for further contact.

B.Sc. Melchior Hof

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Thank you Melhof. I will be in touch.

As bit of a background about why I am asking is that I already have planning approval for a design and I would have to get reapproved if I was to use wikihouse construction in its entirety, which I don’t want to do. Therefore I’m looking at HempBlock construction for the walls and then wikihouse for the floors and roof if possible. I have already raised this with the architect who is doing the construction plans for me and they have an engineer on the team who is familiar with alternative construction methodologies (ie HempBlock) and so hopefully they have some expertise to incorporate wikihouse, but someone like yourself to consult with will be invaluable.