Je suis Emilien de Bordeaux (France) et architecte

Hello everyone, I study architecture in Bordeaux (France).
I discovered the wikihouse principle a few months ago, and I can’t get away from it!
I plan to build my house with this principle, starting all first with furniture in order to appreciate the CNC principle.
Unfortunately, my English remains very succinct, Would it be possible to have a French section?

Goodbye !

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Hi Emilien,

I see we are closeby, I live in Toulouse.
I’m happy to help with the manufacturing and engineering side of things, I’m a building engineer by training actually!

Happy to talk in French too, it seems like there’s only us here for now!


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Bienvenue dans notre communauté Emilien ! Nous avons quelques francophones ici chez Wikihouse et je suis sûre qu’ils seront heureux de répondre à toutes tes questions en français, si tu souhaites les publier ici :grinning:

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