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Hello, I am planning to build a fairly large (200 sq meter) prefab off the grid house in Southern Spain and have just started to seriously look around at options. I have a long history of open source software development (founder of so love the idea of WikiHouse. I haven’t been able to find any online articles or examples or fairly large houses. Does anyone have any they can share please? I am looking at a two storey house with 3 bedrooms but large internal rooms. Many thanks in advance.

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There are a few instagram accounts such as

I hope that helps

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Very much so. Thanks you !

Here you can find a WikiHouse (Swift) design I made for a family in the North of the Netherlands, it’s about 140 m2. Unfortunately it is not built. The design is based on 2 WikiHouse structures connected through a small addition in between as an entrance.

Here you can check it out:

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Thank you very much. I had thought about that but wasn’t sure if it was possible. A few related questions. I will keep it to the same thread. I am in the early stages (2024 build) so these are exploratory questions.

  1. One design ideas is around a central Japanese style courtyard. I have seen “lots” of class on ends but not sides. Is that possible (assuming one story) and if so do you have any examples ?

  2. An alternative is a hub and spoke pattern around a central area. I assume you could do this with five smaller buildings ?

  3. Is there an information about building scale models. I am new to this but a software engineer. Hoping to experiment with some designs. Ideally a home CNC type machine.

  4. Has anyone published any specs / designs for electrical and water, ideally very solar based ?

See my model here

Now waiting for 250 v.0.2 cnc data

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  1. The Swift system is based on structural capacity of a module as a whole. You can make windows of 60cm wide standard in every module. Making bigger windows in the sides might be possible, but you have te re-engineer the system locally. For example place a wooden beam as a lintel above the window between the modules could do it for the one story modules. No example so far.

  2. Yes, wouldn’t know why not?

Can’t help you with 3 and 4.

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Hi there,

Our wikihouse based on Swift have 166m2 of living are.
Check info on @wikidom40, if any questions comes out, give me message on instagram to.